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Mega Millions Winning Numbers

Winning MegaMillions Group Entry System

Winning MegaMillions requires you to beat Odds of 302,575,350 – that is how many different combinations there are in MegaMillions.

Is there a Smart Strategy for Winning MegaMillions? We think so. The sensible approach is to first examine the Smart Strategy for Playing MegaMillions and start from the bottom up. Megamillions has NINE ways to win, as follows:

Mega Ball only
Done For You MegaMillions Lotto Systems 1 main + Mega Ball
2 main + Mega Ball
3 main + Mega Ball
4 main + Mega Ball
5 main + Mega Ball

As you can see above, 6 of the 9 ways to win MegaMillions require you to have the Mega Ball.

The remaining 3 ways are:

5 Main Numbers

4 Main Numbers

3 Main Numbers

You get nothing for 2 main numbers or 1 main number.  However, getting just the Mega Ball does give you a small payout.  Your chances of winning the big one are, as we said above, 1-in-302,575,350 – so we think the SMART MegaMillions Strategy is to play for as many small wins as possible. Surprisingly, this structured approach improves your odds of winning the big one, as just a simple 25-game entry can ensure you always have the MegaBall and so get a payout of some kind, no matter how small. And if you ensure your 25-game, MegaBall guaranteed, entry plays all 70 main balls you also have all 5 main balls; while they probably will not match the MegaBall, it is possible because you have covered all 70 main numbers (and 5 of them twice) plus all 25 Mega Balls.  While the only guaranteed result is a payout of 1 MegaBall win, covering ALL of the balls is a lot smarter than simply trusting to luck entirely.

So, how do we move onto something better?

If you are a mathematical genius, you can write out 75 games that will cover all 2-number combinations from 70 numbers.  There is little-known function in Excel called Combin that tells you that there are 2,415 different 2-number combinations in 70 numbers.  All you have to do is squeeze them into 75 x 5-number games.  Or you can pay us to do it for you.  It is possible to do it in slightly less than 75 games but we like the slightly expanded 75-game entry as that allows us to play all Mega Balls x 3 times.

The above does NOT guarantee that you will get a payout of 2 main numbers + the Mega Ball.  However, since you have the MegaBall 3 times and all of the 70 main numbers at least 5 times, the chances of things lining up are a lot better than trusting in a Quick Pick.

At just 75 games to get organized it is ideal for a Workplace or Family entry. We can create and email an entry for you.  Everyone get different numbers – simply Paypal $35 to me by clicking the following link –

and we will email the 75 x 5-number games to you and you can randomly add all 25 Mega Balls 3 times to complete your entry.  PLEASE ask at least 3 business days (Mon-Fri) before the draw; we do get pretty busy at times and do not work weekends.

We can guarantee a minimum of 1 main ball + the Mega Ball in just 350 games; if that is your preference, Paypal $65 to me by clicking the following link –

So, how do we improve on the above?

We CAN guarantee a Payout of 2 main numbers + the Mega Ball BUT it takes 1875 games to do it.  We create the numbers for you (including the Mega Ball) and email them to you.  Now 1875 games is a little expensive to play so you will need a fairly large Group and should only play this when MegaMillions is over $100 Million. The cost of creating your 1875 game numbers is $195 – please click the following link to play –

And of course someone always asks, “How many games to Guarantee a Payout of 3 main numbers + the Mega Ball?’  Yes, we can do it but we only recommend this if MegaMillions has jackpotted to astronomical heights. It requires a massive 39,300 games so not really a viable option – But we CAN do it.

Whatever your playing level, we suggest a highly organized entry rather than a Quick Pick.  Let us help you with Winning MegaMillions !

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