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Powerball Australia Syndicate

Winning Powerball Australia Syndicate Entry

“Winning Powerball is Easy – It’s Making a Profit That’s Difficult”

Winning Powerball Australia requires you to beat Odds of 134,490,400.  This figure is the result of odds of 6,724,520 for the main 35 balls multiplied by 20 (the number of Powerballs).

However, there are Smart Strategies for Winning Powerball in Australia and the are Dumb Strategies. The first step is to first examine the Win Structure; Powerball Australia has NINE ways to win, as follows:

2 main numbers + Powerball
Done For You Winning Powerball Systems 3 main numbers + Powerball
4 main numbers + Powerball
5 main numbers + Powerball
6 main numbers + Powerball
7 main numbers + Powerball

As you can see, six of the nine ways to win Powerball require having the Powerball itself, so getting the Powerball right is of paramount importance.

The remaining 3 ways to win Powerball are:

7 Main Numbers

6 Main Numbers

5 Main Numbers

To win without the Powerball itself, you must have 5 or more of the main numbers. However, getting the Powerball itself does give you a small payout with as few as 2 main numbers. Your odds of winning First Prize are, as we said, 1-in-134,490,400 – so the SMART Powerball Strategy is to play for as many small wins as possible while still targeting First Prize.

Our first strategy is 120 games that guarantee, at very worst, 2 main numbers plus the Powerball.  We run this as a Private Powerball Syndicate with 10 Shares, so everyone gets a decent payout. At $20 per Share, it is very affordable.  Because the games include every main number and every Powerball, we MUST win something, but how big (or small) the win is is in the lap of the gods. While the only guaranteed result is a payout of 2 main numbers + the Powerball, covering ALL of the balls is a lot smarter than simply trusting a Quick Pick.  To join my Private Powerball Syndicate, send an email to and we will enter you into the next Syndicate that becomes available.  You are sharing in MY entry – I am in every Private Powerball Syndicate I run, so I am committed to getting a good result.

So, how do we move onto something better?

We also play a 840-game Private Powerball Syndicate entry that guarantees 3 of the main 5 balls together PLUS the Powerball.  Since you have the Powerball correct and all of the 35 main numbers several times, the chances of things lining up are a lot better than trusting Lady Luck for everything.  Again, you are sharing in MY Private Powerball entry. There are 20 Shares at $28 each (I get 2 discounted shares for doing all of the membership administration and paperwork, notifying you of results, putting on the coupons etc) and we only play when Powerball is $30 Million or more, so everyone gets a good payout. To join this Private Powerball Syndicate, send an email to and we will enter you into the next 840 game Private Powerball Syndicate that becomes available.

For both Syndicates you pay the full amount the first week, but every week after that I tell you the discounted amount to pay for that week ($30 or $28 minus our wins).  For wins over $10,000 your Share is paid back to your Paypal account (or directly to your bank if you do not have a Paypal account).   Payments from you should be to my Paypal account or directly to my bank.

Please make it clear which of the above Private Powerball Syndicates you want to join in the email you send me.

Whatever your playing level, we suggest a highly organized entry rather than a Quick Pick. Let us help you with Winning Powerball !

3 time lotto winner shares Winning Powerball secrets

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This website offers Done For You Lotto Systems for Lotto Syndicates / Lotto Group entries.  Amongst the items offered are our “Must Win Something” lotto systems.  This involves looking at the prize structure for any lottery and designing a lottery system that first includes ALL of the numbers played, and secondly optimizing the games we create so that you have – as a MINIMUM – at least 3 of the 6 winning lotto numbers together where the lottery pays out out 3 winning numbers; after that it is up to Lady Luck but you START from a position of knowing you have all of the winning numbers in a highly organised entry.

We cover 5, 6 and 7 ball lotteries, including Powerball USA, MegaMillions, all Australian Lotteries (including Powerball Australia), UK lotto games, all Canadian lotteries etc.  If YOUR lottery is not on this page, email and we will give you a Free Quote on providing a Lotto Syndicate entry for your lottery.

If you are looking for individual lotto systems, check out our Lotto Books by Clicking Here


Winning-Powerball-USAOur Powerball System offers 2 or more Main Numbers in just 66 games.  We match these 66 games with all 26 Powerballs 2-3 times, so you also have the Powerball at least twice (but not neccesarily with 2 main balls). This of course guarantees a few wins – how big these wins are is up to Lady Luck. However, you have Powerball 2X and all of the main numbers X4.

And Yes, we can supply a Powerball System that guarantees 3 or more of the 5 main numbers in 2647 games – Each of the 5 main numbers appears over 180 times!  With 2647 games, you can play every Powerball 100 times.

Please Click Here for full details on our Must Win Something Powerball USA Syndicates


Winning-MegaMillions-USAOur MegaMillions System offers 2 or more Main Numbers in just 75 games.  We match these 75 games with all 25 Megaballs three times, so you also have the Megaball 3 times (but not neccesarily with 2 main balls). This of course guarantees a few wins – how big these wins are is up to Lady Luck. However, you have Mega Ball 3X and all of the main numbers X5.

And Yes, we can supply a MegaMillion System that guarantees 3 or more of the 5 main numbers in 1580 games – Each of the 5 main numbers appears over 100 times!  With 1580 games, you can play your MegaBall 63 times.

Please Click Here for full details on our Must Win Something MegaMillions Syndicates



Our Powerball Australia Syndicate entries operate on 2 levels.  First, there is a 120-game entry that guarantees – as a MINIMUM – 2 main numbers plus the Powerball – so ensuring a payout of some kind (could be higher).

The second Powerball Syndicate is an 800-game entry that guarantees THREE main numbers plus the Powerball.

Winning Powerball Australia 120 Games


Our Oz Lotto “Must Win Something” Syndicate entry delivers AT LEAST 4 winning Oz Lotto numbers in just 505 games.

To deliver a guaranteed First Prize require you to play 45,379,620 games – Even if you could afford it, there is no guarantee you would make a profit! As with all of our Lotto Syndicate plans, there are Smart Ways to Play and Dumb Ways to Play.



Our Australian Saturday Lotto Syndicates also have 2 different levels of cover.  To guarantee 3 of the 6 drawn numbers requires just 160 games.

To guarantee 4 of the 8 balls drawn (6 main + 2 supplementary) requires 1325 games and may deliver 4 main numbers or 3 main numbers + a supplementary. While not guaranteed, more often than not this systems delivers multiple wins.



Once you tell us what Lottery you play, we get back to you with details of a Lotto Syndicate entry you can purchase or get for free.  Once you agree that we should go ahead, your games will be emailed to you within 3 business days (Mon-Fri).  You then mark your coupons and off you go!

So – How does the Pricing work?  Very simple.  You can pay us the fee stipulated for your lotto systems via Paypal and you have full rights to the numbers.  OR … *GET IT FOR FREE*  … you can add us as an ongoing member of your Syndicate for the next 12 months and get the System for free.  You see, since a payout of some kind is assured every draw, I am happy just to be a member of your Syndicate for 12 months – I believe I will receive more that way.  And guess how motivated that makes me ensure you win!

Must Win Something lotto systems


We are constantly updating this lotto systems website.  If you want us to  do your Lottery next, simply send an email to telling us what you want, and we will get back to you with details. For example, Canada National 6-49 and we will tell you how many games are required to guarantee all the winning numbers and at least 3 of them together (170 games).

PLEASE do not ask for all the games required to guarantee First Prize – at 13,983,816 games you do not have the money to play it!  We are offering a SENSIBLE way to tackle any lottery and use mathematics to get half-way there.  There is NO Magic Bullet to get First Prize, just Smart Ways to Play and Dumb Ways to Play.


6-from-49 Lotteries are the most common lotteries and we can get you started on any 6-49 Lotto Game worldwide. Your lottery may not be on this page, but a 6-49 lottery has the same odds wherever in the world it is played. Email telling us which lottery you play, and we will get back to you with details.

ALSO COVERED …  Austria 6-45, Belgium 6-45, Canada Lottario and all Canada 6-49 games plus UK 6-49 lotto, Arizona 6-42 and 6-44, Colarado 6-40, Connecticut6-44, Delaware 6-35, Florida 6-46 and 6-53, Greece 6-49, Hong Kong 6-49, Holland 6-45, Ireland 6-39 and 6-47, Maryland 6-43, New Jersey 6-49, New Zealand 6-40, South Africa 6-52, Singapore 6-49 and much more!

Pick-5, Pick-6 & Pick-7 Lotteries

We cover Pick-5 lotteries (including Pick-5 Plus games like Powerball USA and MegaMillions), Pick-6 lotteries up to 49 numbers and Pick-7 Lotto Games such as Australia’s Oz Lotto and Powerball games.

INCLUDES … All American Fantasy 5 Games, California Superlotto, Canadian Pick-5 and Pick-7 Games, UK Thunderball, EuroMillions, Finland Pick-7, Israel lotto games, Japanese lotteries, Mexican lotteries, New York Take 5, Powerball South Africa, Sweden 7-35, Taiwan Lotteries Texas Lotto, USA Cash 5 games and more – Please ASK if you do not see your Lottery – Email for more info.