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Winning Saturday Lotto Superdraw

Saturday Lotto Superdraw Syndicate Entry

“Winning A Saturday Lotto Superdraw is Easy – It’s Making a Profit That’s Difficult.”

You probably already know that it takes 8,145,060 games to guarantee first prize in any Saturday 6-45 Lotto Superdraw. However, if you did have $8 million to spend, you obviously would not make a profit, because most weeks, including Superdraws, First Prize is around $800,000 to $1.2 Million.

So, in our search to find the best way to play the Saturday Lotto Superdraws, we must look at what makes sense in terms of the best way to play Saturday Lotto. To start with, we should ONLY play Superdraws. The prize is obviously a lot bigger BUT the Odds of Winning and the Cost stay the same!

Done For You Saturday Lotto Systems

Obviously, you can ensure you have all eight winning numbers (6 main +2 supplementary) if you simply mark all 45 numbers in eight games (three numbers marked twice) – but of course most people are too lazy to even mark their own coupons.

The next step is to ask, “How many games do we need to play to guarantee at least TWO winning numbers will be together?” The answer is just 15 games.

Because 15 games of 6 numbers equals 90 numbers in total, we make sure that we have all 45 numbers marked twice, ensuring that we have all eight winning numbers twice. With main and supplementary balls, this guarantees 16 winning numbers spread over 15 games. Isn’t this a much better way to play than trusting everything to Lady luck?  If you would like us to create a 15-game entry that guarantees 2 of the main 6 numbers together – and gives you every winning number twice – Paypal $10 to and we will make it happen for you.

The next step is to ask, “How many games do we need to play to guarantee three or more of the winning numbers together?”  The answer is 160 games. Because we play all 45 numbers at least 20 times, you are guaranteed at least 160 winning numbers (including supps), spread over 160 games, and arranged in such a way that three or more of the six main numbers MUST be together.

Because the mathematics are getting increasingly complicated now, it is usually too difficult to create these 160 games yourself.  In addition, playing 160 games is really a group entry; we recommend 10 to 20 people, maybe a workplace syndicate or a family syndicate. If you would like us to create these 160 games for you, please Paypal $25 to and we’ll make it happen for you.

The next step up of course is to ask “How many games do we need to play to guarantee FOUR OR MORE of the winning numbers together?” – A result that guarantees a win of some kind. While this does not necessarily guarantee a profit, it does guarantee a win of some kind. In just 1325 games!

What we are essentially doing is using advanced mathematics to get four or more of the eight winning numbers in at least 1 game, and then using relying on Lady Luck to line things up from there; this is obviously a lot smarter than relying on Lady luck for all eight numbers (6main + 2 supps).

What is interesting is that the 1325 games deliver all 8 winning numbers at least 160 times. So our mathematical approach delivers at least 1280 winning numbers (including supps) spread over 1325 games.  Think about that for a moment. A system 13 for Sat Lotto requires 1,716 games – And it is possible to get NO winning numbers at all! Yet, in just 1325 games you can GUARANTEE a Payout of some kind. In fact, your 1325 games guarantee at least 1,280 winning numbers (incl. supps).

And the cost of playing is subsidised by regular small wins, while improving the odds of getting all six main balls together.  If you have a small Syndicate and would like to guarantee AT LEAST 4 of the 6 numbers together, please Paypal $75 to and we will email the 160 games back to you within 3 business days (Mon-Fri, we do not work weekends).

ALL of the above Saturday Lottery Systems involve creating a System especially for you – No-one gets the same numbers.

More interested in playing on your own?  Check out our Saturday Lotto Systems in the books below – Click the Image for full details.

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